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The Best Baby Bean bag To Buy in the UK Reviewed

Lets get straight to the point on this one and not mess about, the best baby bean bag for sale in the uk is called the Bambeano.

Of course there are other good branded baby bean bags to choose from, the others that are worth mentioning are called the Doomoo and the Gaga.

Top three baby bean bag brands are:

  • Bambeano
  • Doomoo
  • Gaga

Take a look through the reviews below to help you decide which bean bag is the right one for your baby to use.

Top Baby Bean bag Chair

Bambeano baby beanbagThis is the Bambeano baby bean bag chair which is available to buy in three different colours in the uk, natural, pink and blue.

It is a little let down that it is only available in the one design and just the three colour choices, the other brands have so much more choice.

What puts the Bambeano baby beanbag street ahead is the fact that you get a free toddler chair included in the price.

So why is the toddler chair good? Well a baby beanbag can only be used until the child is around 7 or 8 weeks old, or when they can wriggle, this means you are not going to get a lot of use out of it for your money.

The good news is that you can then just transfer the beans from the baby beanbag into the toddler chair cover, now your child has a bean bag that they can use up until they are aged about 5 or 6 years old, sweet.

Reviews on the Bambeano are really very good, it gives you a secure place to put your baby to let you get some rest or get on with house works and other little jobs that you might need doing.

Bambeano baby bean bag reviews;

  1. The Bambeano baby bean bag is absolutely marvellous, it has helped me and my baby so much. I do not know what I would have done with out it to be honest here. It provides a very comfortable and safe place for my baby to sleep while I get on with the housework that is much needed to be done.
  2. The quality of the bean bag is the absolute top, the material is incredibly soft to touch. My baby loves it on her bean bag, she looks so cosy in it. The bean bag has straps which keeps my baby securely in place.
  3. What a great idea it is to have a baby bean bag. My son loves it, in fact it is the only place that will get him over to sleep. When he gets over to sleep we switch him to his cot. If it was safe to sleep on all night he would do so, but it is not. He loves to have his day time nap on it, great little buy this one.
  4. What an amazing product this is, the bean bag is most definitely worth the money. It even comes with a free toddler bean bag cover, this means my kid still has a bean bag to use when they get older, what a great deal.
  5. I highly recommend this bean bag and give it 5 out of 5 stars for sure. It helped my baby a lot because he suffers from colic, without this bean bag we would be in all sort of problems, so glad I got it.

Doomoo baby beanbagThis is the Doomoo baby beanbag, so why is the Bambeano a better choice than the Doomoo? You can buy this baby bean bag chair from and also read more reviews.

Well for starters, the Bambeano is half the price and has all the same great features, granted it doesn't look as stylish, but who cares about that.

Both of these baby bean bags have secure safety harnesses to keep your baby in place, never put your baby in the bean bag on top of a table, this is very dangerous.

The good thing about baby bean bags is that they help stop flat head syndrome which is caused by laying your baby on a hard floor all the time when changing their nappy.

Another great little bonus for buying a baby beanbag is that they help babies get to sleep easier that suffer from colic, the bags are angled slightly upright, which will help.

The Doomoo does also transform into a toddler chair but it is not as big or as good as the Bambeano, the Bambeano wins out on all factors here.

Doomoo reviews;

  1. My baby absolutely loves the Doomoo baby bean bag, it takes her just 5 minutes to fall asleep on the bean bag. The bean bag has straps on there to ensure the baby does not roll off, it gives us a safe place to rest our baby so we can get some sleep too.
  2. My baby would not sleep at all in the day time, someone told me to try a bean bag. I got the Doomoo baby bean bag and it has worked a treat, my baby now has a little nap in the day time, which is such a big relief for me and my partner.
  3. I love the fact that the baby bean bag has straps on there, it gives me peace of mind that my baby is safe on it. I pop my baby in there when he is tired and he drops right off in there. He has his daily nap on the bean bag, don't let your baby sleep on the bean bag overnight, it is dangerous.
  4. The Doomoo baby bean bag is expensive, more expensive than most of the other brands actually but it is top quality and well worth the money. I was a little unsure at first because of the price, but my friend has one and when I saw the quality of it I just new it was the one for me and my baby to use.
  5. The Straps on the Doomoo can be removed, well you change the cover, which means your baby can use the bean bag as a toddler too. My baby loves to sleep on the bean bag, in fact he will not fall asleep anywhere else now.

Gaga baby beanbagThis is the Gaga baby beanbag and is rather popular even though it does not transform into a toddler chair like the Doomoo and Bambeano.

This means that the bean bag is deemed useless after your child gets to 7 or 8 weeks old, sounds like a waste of money to me.

All of these baby bean bags can be used from birth and are actually really very soft and comfortable for babies to sleep on, do not let your baby sleep on a beanbag over night.

The great thing about getting a baby a bean bag is that the beans can be manipulated to change their laying or seating position, it is easy to get them over to sleep on them.

You can top up or remove beans out of a baby beanbag however it is not recommended that too many beans are removed for fear of suffocation.

One of the big reasons customers buy the Gaga is the fact that they are very stylish and are available to buy in many different designs and colours.

Gaga reviews;

  1. There is three major baby bean bag brands to choose from. The bambeano, Doomoo and the one I purchased, the Gaga. It is a lovely colour and is very well made, I made the right decision here.
  2. Got this for when the Grand daughter comes over to stay, gives me a safe place to let her settle and have a nap during the day time. The baby is very secure in the bean bag and looks in complete comfort, I highly recommend for sure.
  3. It's a comfortable and very secure place for my baby to have a nap during the day while I catch up on some house work. I thought that it was so good that I actually purchased another one for my friends baby too.
  4. I am very happy with it, the material is lovely and soft, as are the beans My little one sleeps sound on it daily, in fact I always have to get her over to sleep on it before I put her in the mosses basket, which is annoying, buy hey it works, so why not.
  5. Super easy to keep clean, the cover is removable and machine washable. It is not the cheapest baby bean bag that you can buy these days, however it is worth the money. It's a real shame that this one does not convert into a toddler bean bag like some of the other brands do.

Cheap Baby Bean Bag Chairs

Cheap non branded baby bean bagOver at you can get cheap non branded baby bean bag chairs at a very reasonable price around £30.

Even though these bean bags are very cheap they are still top quality, a non branded bean bag of this kind is great if you are on a low budget.

The bean bag in the picture, as you can see, have a very stylish bird designs and the material used is very good quality for the price.

The cover is pre-filled and is ready to use right away as soon as it arrives at your house. Even though these bean bags are cheap they can still be converted into a toddler chair just the expensive Doomoo bean bags for babies.

With this bean bag you get two interchangeable covers, one cover includes the three point harness, the other does not. This converts the baby bag into a toddler chair.

You simply up zip one cover and replace it with the other, it is as easy as that to change the bean bag from a baby one into a toddler one.

As you can see, the bean bag has a three point harness just like the branded ones have. It can be used from birth and up until your baby is around 9 months of age.

The toddler bean bag can be used until your child is about 8 years of age, which is pretty cool actually.

Like I have said, the covers can be removed with ease and are machine washable. This makes it super easy to keep the bean bag lovely and clean.

Very cheap baby bean bag chairHere we have another non branded bean bag for babies, it can be used by a boy or girl, and as you can see it looks rather fancy indeed.

Because these baby bean bag chairs are so cheap they have received pretty amazing reviews. The material that is used to make them is very good quality even though they are so cheap to buy.

These bean bags for babies are made from a very strong waterproof material, this means that not only are they machine washable, but you can wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them clean too.

Some bean bags for babies are not very long, which might be a problem if you have a long child from a young age. This bean bag measures 73 cm in length and is 55 cm wide, it is one of the longest that you can buy.

This one too operates just like the expensive branded baby bean bag chairs, it comes with two covers which convert it to a toddler chair when your baby becomes too big to use it with straps on.

Some of the customers reviews echo that the bean bag is of very good quality for the price, the material is not as good as the more expensive ones but even so, for the price it is awesome.

One lady wrote that the bean bag has been an absolute god send, and would not know how she would have coped without it. It is the only place that her baby would get over to sleep, many babies are found to be like this.

If you don't have the cash for one of the branded bean bags for babies then you will be pleasantly surprised at how good these cheap non branded ones are.

More Baby Bean bags

Above is the top 3 branded baby bean bag chairs, you can get cheaper un branded alternatives that I am afraid to say will lack in quality, if you do not have a big budget then you can try them.

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