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Bean Bag Beans to Top Up or Refill your Bean Bags

Does your bean bag need a little top up to bring it back to life? If it does then you need some bean bag beans to get it comfortable again.

If you are buying a bean bag cover then you might want some beans to fill it up too, this can sometimes be a cheaper way to get a bean bag.

Bean Bag Beans Refill Packs

3 cubic feet bean bag beans refillA small bean bag will require around 3 cubic feet of beans to top it up, the best bean bag beans to get are polystyrene ones, they are super soft and comfy to sit on.

A small bean bag, like a baby beanbag will need 6 cubic feet of beans to completely refill it, this pack will top up a small pet or childrens bean bag.

If you have made your own bean bag and need some filling then this 3 cubic feet refill pack is just perfect for a small bean bag.

Always make sure that the bean bag beans that you purchase have been fire retardant treated for ultimate safety.

It is easy to transfer these polystyrene beans into a bean bag, in most cases you just unzip the bean bag cover and pour in the beans, very easy.

Some bean bag beans come supplied in a polythene bag, from my experience this is the worst kind to buy because the beans stick to the side of the bag and it can get quite messy.

6 cubic feet bean bag beans packA six cubic feet bean bag refill pack like this one shown in the photo will top up a small to medium size bean bag.

These bean bag beans come supplied in a net liner bag, this is the best option and is the easiest for transferring the beans into the cover.

Always transfer your beans into the bean bag cover outdoors, even if you are experienced at doing it, there will always be a little mess created.

If you have a giant bean bag then a 6 cubic feet refill pack will pop a bit of extra life into the bag, a large bag will need around 20 cubic feet of beans to completely refill it.

To make the whole process a lot easier some people just put the whole bean bag net into the cover and do not pour them in, this is the mess free option.

It is well known that the beans in a bean bag do get flattened over time and do need replacing, a six cubic feet filling will cost you around 15 pounds in the uk.

10 cubic feet bean bag beansThis 10 cubic feet bean bag beans refill pack is fire retardant and is just perfect for filling up medium size bean bags and adding some life to giant bean bags.

This pack will set you back around 16 pounds in the uk, although it is supplied in a polystyrene bag, so the bean transfer could be messy.

If your bean bag needs some extra bounce and has become a little flat of late then you need this pack to get it comfortable again.

Reviews on all of these bean bag fillers are good and are all available from good bean bag retailers like and others.

To refill a bean bag with these beans you just turn the bag upside down and unzip the bean compartment area, most good bean bags have two zipped areas for safety, then just pour in the beans.

If you have a giant bean bag cover that needs a complete refill then you are going to need two of these pack of bean bag beans. If you want to know how to fill a bean bag just follow the link and read the guide.

More Bean Bag Beans

Of course there are larger packs of bean bag beans available to buy in the uk although they do get rather expensive over 10 cubic feet.

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