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Buy an Adult Size Bean Bag Cover in the UK

To save money you could buy a bean bag cover and the bean bag filler separately, or maybe you have the beans already and need to replace your old cover.

Below are some adult size giant bean bag covers for sale in the uk, these ones come highly rated and are very popular.

Best Bean Bag Cover

Sofa bean bag coverThis is a huge six foot long faux leather bean bag cover for sale in the uk for just 15 pounds at all good uk bean bag online retailers.

The cover is black faux leather and is actually very good quality, it is very well stitched together and is unlikely to split after you have added the beans.

For a giant bean bag of this size you would be looking to pay around 60 or 70 pounds in the uk with the bean filling included.

You can make a huge saving by purchasing the bean bag cover and the bean filling separately, it's worth taking a look at.

To fill this bean bag cover it is going to require a huge 33 cubic feet of beans, it's a lot but will save you some money if you already have the beans.

Reviews on these bean bags are very good with customer commenting on how good quality the faux leather is and just how big it is. Do not underestimate how much beans it is going to take to fill it.

Large gaming bean bag coverNeed a new cover for your gaming bean bag, take a look at this cheap giant bean bag cover, it is only around 10 pounds to buy in the uk, an absolute bargain.

This cover requires 22 cubic feet of beans to fill it to the top which will set you back around 30 pounds to do, if you already have the beans then you are laughing.

As you can see when the cover is full of beans it has a curved high backed area that provides good lower back support perfect for gaming.

Being made from top quality faux leather it is sure to last and is very easy to keep the thing clean, just wipe down with a damp sponge.

The zipped area that is easy to access where you can easily add the beans is hidden away to prevent floor scratches, which is a bonus if you have laminated flooring.

These bean bags when full of beans measure a huge 110 by 80 cm and are quite tall too measuring 80 cm in height.

Giant bean bag coverIf you want a massive bean bag cushion cover then this is the option for you, it is massive measuring a whopping six foot long when full up of beans of course.

You can buy this bean bag cover for under 40 pounds in the uk however it is going to take a lot of beans to fill it up, around 25 cubic feet in fact.

These bean bag covers are machine washable and are also waterproof and are very hardwearing, great for adults and kids to use.

It is also an outdoor and indoor bean bag, being waterproof it will make the perfect garden seat or giant soft sun lounger.

You can buy this cover in nine different colours and is fire retardant, just make sure you add fire retardant beans to it too.

These covers are really very easy to fill with beans, just un do the zip and pour in your bag of beans, yes it is that easy.

More Bean Bag Covers

If you buy any bean bag cover featured above I am sure you will not be disappointed with the quality, all have received really good reviews in the uk.

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